posted by Karsten

Many of the posts on this blog is imported from the RedGloo service at University of Reading. It was my brainchild and I even received a prize with money attached from the University  for this contribution.

The idea behind it was to create a social network for our student that would bring them together based on their interests. Remember that the idea to this came before Facebook was “live” in Europe, and that it was difficult to do this at Universities. You kind of socialised with the people in your hall or the ones that by chance sat next to you at lectures. It was a success the two first years, with much debating and life, but then Facebook “took” over this role at the University (in that time frame an estimated 80-85% of students had made accounts), and RedGloo has become a legacy system, which is still running, but only have sporadic usage from a few bloggers, and we have stopped advertising it to new students.RedGloo

This blog here will be my future blogging space and online living space outside of facebook, but I thought that using the export feature of RedGloo to Wordpress that I have created would be a good way to  start this blog.

So if you see references to RedGloo in my posts, shed a little tear of what once was, and aim at the bright future ahead of us…


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