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posted by Karsten

I’ve worked at University of Reading since 2005 as a Research Assistant, first with Prof Keith Baker and after that with Prof Shirley Williams. My interests are very broad in eLearning, spanning from knowledge representation (ontologies) and competency descriptions over social networks to Digital Identity. Here is a list of the different projects that have funded my work and fun at UoR.

EU funded:

  • Triangle (establishing EFQUEL): Quality in eLearning
  • Trace: Competency “translation” in Europe (for detail see my thesis)
  • Muvenation: Virtual Worlds within teachers training
  • LLL3D: Study of benefits of Virtual worlds in eLearning
  • Mobiblog: Blogging for mobile students (i.e. Erasmus Students not Android Students)
  • Enable: Embedded coding of Wrist Unit for the elderly
  • I-TUTOR: Intelligent Tutor System


  • MeAggregator: Aggregation of content on social web
  • ASSET: Video for feedback provision in Higher Education
  • DEVELOP (code repository): Blackboard Buildingblocks development for improving eLearning

University of Reading:

  • RedGloo: Social network / learning landscape at UoR

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