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I’ve worked at University of Reading from 2005-2010 as a Research Assistant, first with Prof Keith Baker and after that with Prof Shirley Williams. From 2010-2016 I worked as an academic at UoR. After that I decided it was time to try something new, and I now work as a senior lecturer (associate professor in the US). My interests are very broad in eLearning, spanning from knowledge representation (ontologies) and competency descriptions over social networks to Digital Identity. Here is a list of the different projects that have funded my work and fun at UoR.

Victoria University of Wellington funded:

  • Maori eLearning: Creating eLearning that utilise Maori culture to teach computer science

University of Reading funded:

  • RedGloo: Social network / learning landscape at UoR

EU funded:

  • I-TUTOR: Intelligent Tutor System
  • Enable: Embedded coding of Wrist Unit for the elderly
  • Mobiblog: Blogging for mobile students (i.e. Erasmus Students not Android Students)
  • LLL3D: Study of benefits of Virtual worlds in eLearning
  • Muvenation: Virtual Worlds within teachers training
  • Trace: Competency “translation” in Europe (for detail see my thesis)
  • Triangle (establishing EFQUEL): Quality in eLearning

JISC (UK) funded:

  • DEVELOP (code repository): Blackboard Buildingblocks development for improving eLearning
  • ASSET: Video for feedback provision in Higher Education
  • MeAggregator: Aggregation of content on social web

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