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I love implementing code! I love teaching coding! I love philosophying about different ways to solve problems using code! Most notably I have developed and researched eLearning at university since 2005. I have worked since 2010 on Android phone development and the utilisation within teaching. You can find my academic papers here.

I am available for consultancy jobs. In the past I’ve consulted creating eLearning solutions, competency management and mobile phone apps. Below is my shortened CV.

Work experience:

2016-present: Senior Lecturer of Software Engineering, Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand

  • Teaching on conversion Master of Software Engineering in the ICTgrad School
  • Course director of SWEN503
  • Continued research in
    • Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) delivery
    • Cultural “computing”, i.e. utilising strengths of cultures in computer science
    • Gamification and eLearning

2011-2016: Lecturer and Teaching Fellow, University of Reading, UK

  • Awarded as University Teaching Fellow 2015 (The highest recognition of teaching at the University)
  • Winner of 5 other different teaching related awards
  • Convenor and teaching in modules/courses:
    • Massive Open Online Course: “Begin Programming: build you first mobile game”
      • Taster course into programming
      • Over 180,000 participants to date
      • Been showcased on BBC and ITV
    • Currently convenor of and sole teacher of Java in 2nd year and Evolutionary Computation in the final year, but have taught 8 modules in total at all levels in different teaching teams
      • Flipped Java course to modernise the content
  • Research
  • Special responsibilities
    • International recruitment
      • Over 100% recruitment above targets
      • Introduced online promotion for courses
      • F2F promotion through British Council Educational fairs
    • Outreach
    • Teaching administration
      • Member of Faculty board for University Technology Colleges
      • Board of Study member

2005-2011: Research Assistant, University of Reading, UK

  • Research developer and manager on externally funded projects
    • 7 EU, 4 JISC / UK and 1 internal University projects
    • Project manager on three of the projects
    • Strong technical developer and architect in all of the projects, for instance
      • Ontology-driven chatbot system for analysing web pages. It combined traditional chatbot response trees with ontology driven knowledge bases (Jena, Pellet) Changed Jena to use a closed world paradigm within inferences, as an open world paradigm was insufficient.
      • Ontology driven system for comparison of competencies and competency frameworks in EU (Java, Jena)
      • Tagging based file system, which was underpinned by ontology methodology (Java, Ruby, XXMP, MySQL)
      • Framework for aggregation of web content (Java, Ruby, XXMP, MySQL)
      • Video system for feedback to students (PHP)
      • Secondlife artefacts for education (SLS)
      • Several WordPress and Blackboard plug-ins (Java, PHP, MySQL)
      • Developed the initial underpinning voice recognition system (C and Java)
    • Proposal writing, from idea to finished proposal
      • Awarded £427,000+ in research grants
    • 3 journal papers, many conference papers and awarded research
    • Did my PhD in full-time speed while working full-time
    • Invited expert at 14 different projects, conferences and IEEE workshops
    • Developed one of the earliest Android online tutorials for creating games. I used it to teach and supervise summer term students in Android mobile phone games development
      • Over 10.000 participants who used all pages in a 2 year period
    • Managed and supervised research students (MSc and PhD)
    • Teaching University staff on CPD courses

2000-2002: Logistic manager. Norsk Bokforlag, Norway

  • Managed and supervised 4 part-time workers
  • Co-managed and supervised 50 part time salesmen
    • Increased sales of £100.000+
  • Designed and re-organised the inventory system

1999-2000: Media consultant (salesman). Stepstone A/S, Denmark

  • Job ads and banner sales
  • Top salesman of the month February 2000
  • Consistently top 3 salesman every month

1996-1999: Salesman. Carl F. Junget. Denmark

  • Solved specialised tool problems for the furniture industry
  • Rose from floor sales to account manager for tools


2005-2010: PhD in Computer Science at University of Reading

  • Thesis title: “Ontology Supported Comparison in Vague Domains”

2002-2005: BSc in Computer Science at University of Reading

  • 1st honours – Winner of Hockney Prize for Best Student in Computer Science

1995-1996: Modern apprenticeship in sales. Carl F. Junget

  • Sold as much as regular salesmen after 9 months of training

1987-1990: Studentereksamen at Bjerringbro Gymnasium, Denmark


Technical Skills:

  • Programming (examples)
    • JavaSE and JaveEE
      • Mobile development (Android including GPS, WP7 and Corona)
      • https://market.android.com/search?q=DrKarsten
      • Jena2, Jetty, JavaCC
    • C / C# / C++ (Both on Un*x and Windows)
    • Traditional web development
      • HTML, CSS, PHP, Javascript, XML, Ruby on rails, SQL
      • XML-RPC, REST, Ajax
      • MySQL
    • Learn and try new languages for fun, for instance
      • CAML, Python, Q, SLS, Prolog
    • Semantic Web
      • RDF, OWL, SPARQL, Jena2, CWS, Pellet
  • Strong analytical grounding
    • Object Oriented Programming teacher and practitioner

Other Skills:

  • Proven team worker
  • Good at explaining difficult solutions in an understandable way
  • Happy outgoing personality
  • Not afraid of conflicts, but aim to avoid them by diplomacy
  • Enjoys learning new concepts
  • Keeps problems simple to create better solutions for people
  • Speaks English and Danish fluently. Understands Norwegian, Swedish and German

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  1. agnieszka says:

    May I get an acess to long CV version?

  2. Karsten says:

    You should be able to download it just by clicking the ‘CV – Academic’ link.

  3. mohamed says:

    full experience my teacher

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