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Rune Escape – Windows 7 phone

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I’ve been wanting to test how other mobile phone platforms work. So over the last 3 weeks all of my hobby code efforts have been put into creating a version of Rune Escape for Windows 7 phone. The following is a screenshot of the game from the emulator.

image of the Rune Escape windows 7 phone version

I decided to create it fully in XNA, because it is the “normal” way of creating games. Also Microsoft has only recently enabled development of XNA inside Silverlight for mobile phones, and I was unsure how/if that works on xbox360 apps, and ultimately I want to create a version of it for xbox as well. Everything is prepared for the xbox, and I “just” need to create menu system and online scoring. The Ultimate reason for non-Silverlight – I have used Scoreloop’s API for online scores, awards, and online fights, which on iPhone and Android comes with a nice UI. Because it is the pre-“Silverlight/XNA marriage” the Windows version doesn’t, so I figure as I had to develop a UI myself, I could just as well do it from first principles. I do this for fun and to learn, so first principles is fine with me!

What I’ve learned is that without Silverlight, creating menus is a hassle, and most of the development efforts is put into this. But the end-result is a product where I as the developer has full control. No problems with strange UI modification by the OS (Android is notorious at that), and I actually am quite proud of my end result.

I now have to test it on a real phone, which I expect to finish doing this week, and then I’ll upload a free version (ad supported) to the Microsoft Market place. If I get many download, then I’ll also add a paid for version, and perhaps a version of Runes’n’Dragons.

We’ll see – my next big project is an iPhone version…


Santa’s Mess – review

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Yay – my game Santa’s Mess have been nicely reviewed by It is nice when someone else likes your game…


Android Game Development Tutorial – Intro

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At the University of Reading we usually run some sessions after exams in the summer term. Last year I ran one on mobile phone programming, which was very well attended, and showed that there was a lot of interest in this area. We learned two things from this:

iPhone dev was a bit difficult to manage at UoR at present, as we don’t have enough Mac hardware in the labs, and it isn’t possible to do this on any other platforms.

Although the more advanced Android tutorials on the Android Developer site are useful for self study, they don’t seem to be appropriate for bigger classes. First of all they assume knowledge of Java – our first year students have only seen C/C++ at this stage, secondly there are quite a few hiccups and mistakes (at least a year ago), and lastly they aren’t that interesting to do as outcomes – I mean who wants to see all the different available views or think a notepad app is interesting to make…

So I’ve decided that this year we’ll split the workshop into two groups. The beginners (i.e. the students without Java knowledge) can go through the Hello Android example. After they finish that, look at differences between C/C++ and Java while tweeking this app to do more than just say Hallo, and if they feel confident have a go at more advanced tutorial, namely the tutorial for the other group.

The aim of this tutorial is to create a VERY simple game framework, which can be extended to become a “real” Android game. Although the actual game is simple – actually not really a game – it will show how to set up the skeleton, which include user interaction and threading. It is built upon code from Lunar Lander from the Google resources with a few bug fixes which I then used to further develop my own games engine which I’ve used to develop these games.

The tutorials will be split up into different blog posts, but you should be able to follow it throughthe tutorial tag and the embedded links.

Ready for part I?