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MeAggregator and Ajax Extensions for ASP.NET

posted by Karsten

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I post this here, because it probably isn't an issue for the MeAggregator not Ajax Extensions, however a glitch on my computer, which could have importance for others.


Yesterday I had problems with the code he had committed showing a multitude of errors. I notified him from home, and he told he that the client view, that hehas developed, is using the Ajax Extensions for ASP.NET. This shouldn't be a problem as Mono has an implemented version, and MS provides it in .NET3.5 and has installers available for older versions.

On my home computer this library was already installed, and I jumped up to test it. It worked – celebrations!

This morning I began installing the library on my work computer, but it turned out I already had it installed!! Checking the GAC, for sanities sake, it was there. But VS2005 couldn't find it!!?! I unstalled the library and re-installed – no luck!

So in desparation I went into the references in Rob's code, removed the reference and re-added it. Now it is found!!

So it works – I think – but this is a bit of a scare, and I've written this for future reference… 


.NET (mono) Rails

posted by Karsten

in RedGloo
According to this article there is a new framework on its way called “castle”. It is supposed to work a bit like Ruby on Rails and enable easier web development on .NET. (They do have other tools incorporated such as aspect oriented programming.)
My question is, do we really need a Rails on .NET, I thought one of the purposes of .NET was to make web development easy!!
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