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XMPP possible MeA transport layer

posted by Karsten

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Don’t know why I didn’t think of this before! But XMPP (the underlying protocol of Jabber) could be the easy solution of transfer between different MeAggregators.


Eclipse setup

posted by Karsten

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I've been looking at how to use eclipse with the setup that Rob has made now.

If "the developer" is only going to change Java code, then it can be downloaded as before from inside Eclipse. This is discouraged as we should be versatile ๐Ÿ˜‰ so:

"The developer" should check out all the files on the google code site using something like tortoisse. Next step is to open up Eclipse in a "random" empty workspace, and then create a new project, selecting the using the "create from existing source" option browse to the folder of the java code.



posted by Karsten

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Rob, P@ and I have looked at how to get further in the Mea work, as a result I’ll be looking at integrating user technologies into MeA.

We decided to use Mono in the future whereever possible when coding MeA. Therefore I needed to set up working environments.

I’ve managed to get a working plug-in of mono for VS2005.

I’m still struggling with getting linux and mono into play. I believe that my biggest problems arise from VB in mono, and I think that I’ll soon disregard the language on the Linux platform.

Additionally I’ve started to install Visual studio tools for Office to enable integration of especially emails and calendars in office, but it has proven difficult to get running fully – still work in progress…

I’ve also worked on MUVEnation tag handbook, to get it into a WIKI in Moodle, looked into proxy issues (yes, they are still using basic auth!!!), partaken in training, sent the CEN-ISSS CV and tried to get the Mea server to start using RDFS inferencing. The last part is bringing up strange internal jenaย  invocation exception, which ‘m trying to resolve.

Hmmmnn, this week has brought more new problems than resolved issues.


Mono in VS2005 – Celebrations

posted by Karsten

in RedGloo

Mono in VS2003 is a piece of cake, because there is an installer, and a community of users who have shaved all the problems away.

Sadly Mono in VS2005  is not that simple, and has given me considerable aggrevation, but I've now finally got a running add-in in VS2005. Following is an bullet point list of what I did to achieve this milestone:

  1. Have mono installed, thanks P@ ๐Ÿ˜‰
  2. Download vsAddin2005 from (Rob found this library)
  3. Open the solution in VS2005
  4. Open monoaddin.Addin and change the path in <Assembly> to the path you are using
  5. Build everything
  6. Copy all files from BinAndLib to the folder where your assembly is. (The code checks if they arein that folder. This surely most be a bug, because it would be enough to have them in the path.)
  7. You need all files from the folders BinAndLib and reflib somewhere in your path, e.g. system32. (Could also add the folders to the path)
  8. Start VS2005
  9. Go to Tools->option, under environment->Add-in/Macros security add the folder which has monoaddin.Addin
  10. Go to Tools->Addin manager…
  11. tick all the options of the monoaddin
  12. Open a solution and you can celebrate :o)