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Rune Escape

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I’ve been testing my adfreeable concept and it looks to be very addictive, especially when comparing user stats with my other game BoB.

I’m creating a pure Ad supported version and a Adfree paid version for Amazon market and the Chinese market Ndoo. I think that these two markets are more suited to these versions than the adfreeable version, and it will be an interesting venture to see if that produces similar user stats!


Rune Escape – Adfreeable

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4 weeks ago I set myself a goal. A goal to see, if I could make a game using my new game engine in 2 weeks (while working full-time at the Uni, yea I know, stupid really). As you can see I’ve failed. It took me 4 weeks, BUT… drumrolls

Instead of just a game, I’ve created a new genre of games. Adfreeable games:

Definition Adfreeable: A game where the player can gain Premium status (Adfreedom) by winning awards and fighting other players.

It includes in-game achievements and fights/challenges with other players where the player can win Rune Awards, if a play has 70 Rune Awards the ads will disappear – that is what I call Adfreedom…

I’ve worked hard on the graphics side of things, so there will soon be an update to BoB based on these improvements.

I used Kirsten’s (my wife) gaming preferences for this game. So, it is a fast paced Mahjong style game where the player removes Runes from left and right side of the board. She loves those types of games, and no matter what she’s tried, the traditional Mahjong games are very difficult to play on mobile phones. This game isn’t. The graphics are simple to read, and you only click from the outsides in, making click recognition very precise.

I’ve just uploaded it to the SlideME market , and soon I’ll upload it to the Google Android Market, just waiting for the week-end to kick-in properly over in the States (think I’ll publish it on Saturday evening / Sunday). The upload statistics are quite promising on SlideME, so I’m very hopeful for Rune Escape – and what is much more important – I love the game myself and am very proud of it!

Oh and did I forget to say that my wife is HOOKED…