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Never change a running system

posted by Karsten

in RedGloo

I've learned my lesson yet again! Never change a running system, expecially when somebody has to use the next working day…

I've been developing an API over the last year, and it is getting pretty big. The developers that use the API are some people from BitMedia in Graz in a webserver environment and myself for a desktop application.

We've been running a server for a couple of weeks without problems. Beginning of the week I found some minor bugs, because of some work on my desktop application, and I immidiately corrected them and sent the updates to the server guys (running from a server in Texas).

Suddenly the server stopped "thinking" correctly, and couldn't do the comparisons that it ought to do. There is (to my knowledge) no reason for this, I haven't changed anything in the comparison classes that change things so dramatically, unless the Graz guys take advantage of some obscure behaviour in my API that I don't know about myself. Furthermore my version of the software worked just out of the box…

At some point today I thought we'd lost all the work people had done the last couple of weeks, but luckily a complete roll-back of the code base managed to bring back the data, and right now I don't care about the small bug that I know is in the system… Afterall my desktop version is able to work without the bug 😉

Now I'm just ready for a nice relaxing week-end with my brother and his family visiting from Denmark… 

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Graz and back again

posted by Karsten

in RedGloo

I've just come back from my trip to BitMedia in Graz. The intention of the trip was to teach their technical developer (Nik) my TRACE library (competency description library), which went very well, he seemed to be a very fast learner… Unfortunately we decided on a few extra functionalities that ought to be added to my library, which I'll add today and tomorrow, so I know what I should be doing right now instead of writing this blog 😉

As a bonus Nik was a very knowledgable guy in many interesting areas, such as philosophy, traditional Ontology, esoteric programming, international film / tv shows and last but not least Austrian food / drink traditions. So yes, I had a good time down there…