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2016 Season greeting

Sydney Fireworks NYE 2016

Season Greeting While snow pictures are dominating social media pages and songs about winter wonderland are playing on the radio, we find ourselves surviving a heatwave in Sydney Australia with Kirsten’s brother and his family. We welcomed 2017 with views to Sydney Harbour bridge fireworks, and now we look back at 2016 as one of […]

10 years ago I got on a plane and fle...

working with various agencies to bring AID in the Tsunami aftermath in Melabouh, Aceh Sumatra 2005

We saw the pictures, and we heard the tales of personal heartache The Tsunami swept over Asia leaving devastation in its trail. Images from North Indonesia were beyond imagination, and one cannot phantom how it must have been to be an eyewitness. As our plane touch down in Meulaboh, almost one month has passed, and […]

Fundamentalist conservatism a threat ...

norway mourning

Places that evoke happy memories of  carefree summer, sun and  strawberries have become tainted. Friday and Saturday I became glued to the internet as my Facebook (fb) and txt messages went to friends in Norway. Tragedy had struck close to where I used to live and work 10 years ago. With the bomb blast in downtown […]

Chasing the devil

Chasing the devil

My memories were refreshed as I recalled the sights and smells while  I read in recognition of locations,  and experiences of the unbearable humid heat,  the narrow canoe in crocodile infested rivers, the anticipation of a car driving over a wobbly broken bridge, the gorgeous beaches with the deadly current, the orange sticky fanta, the […]

Gifted to lead

Gifted to lead

I recently got a book from a friend with “I thought of you when I read this book” . The Book was “Gifted to Lead The art of leading as a woman in the church” By Nancy Beach After having read it I recommended it to female pastors on Facebook and got a few responding […]

January : new possibilities or just h...


Its the end of January 2011 and we have tasted a bit of the possibilities of 2011. Here in England we have experienced a rise in vat,  and the financial crisis does not seem to be over. The government is declaring “cuts and savings”  and one wonders if these cuts actually will save in the  […]

Dutch inspiration

Dutch inspiration

It never ceases to amaze me how at home i feel in The Netherlands. I have never lived there, nor do I speak the language, but it still resonates of something familiar.  In this highly populated country there always seem to be space to be who you are, and I enjoy the flat countryside regularly  […]

exhausted and exercise


Some days I feel like I’m running around trying to get everything done and I collapse on the couch remembering all that i didn’t get done.  Im simply exhausted. I have been told over and over again that  I would have more energy if I looked after myself more, and I’m constantly reminded that I […]

Mourning not only what was, but what ...


Mourning not only what was but what could have been As a pastor I seldom experience two days that are identical, its different meetings, different people, some admin-stuff that is repetitive but mostly it’s about walking with people on their journey of life.  When you work with people the unexpected happens and you experience joy […]

Time Out on Tenerife

Time Out on Tenerife

I have been reprimanded for starting a blog and then not updating  it regular. I am guilty, (no question,) of not updating at all in July!  My Apologies. Its been Time Out for me. After attending  Karstens PhD graduation and Newbold College Graduation on July 11 I did indeed take Time out, also called vacation. […]