Conference Media department report 2014

South England Conference Media Department Report 2014

2014 has been another productive year for the South England Conference media department. Below you will find a couple of highlights.


With productions for Revelation TV and Hope TV UK continuing, we produced two 13-episodes series of FAITHTalks. Hope TV UK is now available through ROKU and online, following the termination of the satellite contract.


FAITHTalks is a studio program that discusses issues of faith, God and life today with an informal approach. It boasts a diversity of topics and questions, such as:


  • The perfect Christian
  • Does grief ever go away?
  • Do we have a global responsibility?
  • Faith and compassion
  • Is church growth possible?
  • Faith and fundamentalism
  • Christianity and persecution
  • Digital faith
  • Domestic violence
  • Forgiveness


If you missed an episode you can find it on


Streaming Camp Meeting
The SEC Camp Meeting has become a large media production, and it grows every year to meet an ever-changing media demand. The Media Department managed the audio-visuals, as well as the production of DVDs for sale after the Camp Meeting.


The sermons are available free of charge in two formats:


  1. Watch the sermons in HD by going to You will find them under the section Camp Meeting 2014.
  2. Listen to the sermon audio or download the audio files.


Light FM provides music and interviews during Camp Meetings, both online and streamed into the chalets. Mike Johnson runs the station with the help of volunteers. During the year Light FM continues to broadcast online every Friday night on


Global Youth Day

The media department was asked by the Trans-European Division to come in and produce an hour-long live broadcast of the Global Youth Day. This live broadcast on HOPE TV encompassed reports from youth around the Trans-European Division, including the British youth and teens. The SEC media department was grateful for the privilege, and enjoyed the challenge of fitting the broadcast into the 24-hour Global Live broadcast. We were grateful for the good working relationship with Stimme Der Hoffnung in Germany, who was the technical hub for Europe.


Various Days of fellowship

Secmedia was pleased to serve at several days of fellowship:


  • British Union day of Religious Liberty fellowship.
  • Trans-European Division day of worship.
  • London area day of fellowship.


The Media Department is thankful to both the BUC studio staff and the SECmedia volunteers for their work.





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