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In the past 4 years, I have been producing and hosting ~ 60 programs of 28 min called Faithtalks, these programs have aired on HOPETV UK and Revelation tv



FaithTalks, has had five series so far, with a total of 58 episodes produced and broadcast. FaithTalks is a studio-based discussion on issues relating to God, faith and everyday life. Shot in a dialogical format, it is inexpensive to produce and a good way to share our belief in a non-confrontational manner, while still dealing with tricky life issues.

Faithtalks (archived on HopeTv UK)   and viewable under Faithtalks series presents a diversity of topics, including:

  • Why is Christianity so divisive?
  • Faith and disability
  • The problem of evil
  • Is science anti-Christian?
  • Christianity and business
  • Faith in an economic crisis
  • Community through gospel music Is religion good for children?
  • Dealing with faith and depression
  • Faith through art
  • Children and faith development
  • Complexity of prayer
  • Faith on the waves
  • Does faith make a difference in marriage?
  • Digital faith
  • Faith, healing and miracles
  • When your family don’t believe
  • Is Britain Christian?
  • Faith and unemployment

Feedback from viewers regarding our programming:

“I enjoy the refreshing take on the various topics in FaithTalks.” -LR  

“FaithTalks is relevant and to-the-point, dealing with real life issues. It’s practical and people speak openly from experience.” -KL  

“UK-produced programmes are the best programmes on HopeTV!” -TDB  

“What makes FaithTalks authentic is that guests on the programme have dealt with the issues, or supported people through the issues being discussed. It’s open and embracing approach brings real people aboard.” -SPM


Following the London 2012 Olympic games, a report was produced of activities relating to the games and the Seventh-day Adventist Church

Aside from regular news articles I’ve written a couple of different articles/papers

The paper presented  at Andrews University USA at  180 degree Symposium Oct 2009 edited by Steve Case: Reach your campus reach your world. I have scanned the paper for you to read in above FaceBook Faith link.

Article about some of my  work in BUC news 16 april 2010 on Facebook Faith.

another fun little article I wrote:

Here is a link to a short article I wrote about Denmark and Football for the South African “Signs of the  Times” published in 8.7 mill copies and placed on every seat at every game in every stadium for the World Cup 2010.

Speaking at Campmeeting may 21 2010 title: “Gods responds to our lostness” (click to view)


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