posted by Karsten

Thought I should say something about the recent patent cases:

The patent system is broken, especially the US software patents. A system created to protect investments in innovation has turned upside down and become its adversary.

When US patents are granted for:

  • “Touching a Touch Screen” (Apple, self-evident what you should use it for)
  •  “Accessing a Server from a mobile” (Yahoo!, any computer driven device can do this)
  •  “Clicking a button to view a result” (Blackboard, duh – I expect something to happen)
Then they are merely granted to protect market shares and not for innovative value generation.Add to this that they often are evaluated and judged by juries selected specifically so they have NO technical, software or market knowledge, then the evaluation becomes stupidified!

I have spoken against patents when; Apple was attacked, MS was attacked, Google was attacked, and I will speak against them now.

We, the consumers, have all lost out over the last week!

Or, should I say the US consumers, as most of the patents in question are void in the rest of the world, but it will impact us by proxy…


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