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The following list is *FAR* from an extensive list, and not even a list of highest achievements, but rather showing different skills I have, with the acknowledgements that my coding style ranges from fast and pragmatically, over exploratively all the way to plain (hopefully :-)) beautifully. It also shows work code as well as hobby code and try to embrace most of the different technologies I’ve worked with extensively, i.e. more than just learning a language for fun…

Java (Android)

C# (XNA) on Windows Phone 7

Java, OWL and SparQL

  • TRACE Competency Suite (closed source)

Java, JavaCC, C, AIML and OWL:

  • An open source chatbot system which utilises ontologies as knowledgebases for the chat trees. It includes a scripting language OWLlang for extracting knowledge and insert it into AIML
  • This is the first chatbot I made. It was my 3rd year project at university. I’ve only included the final project report (475kb):ZIP


  • Wordpress plugin: Extension of the KiteCV with bug fixes and feature extensions.Google code
  • Video in educational settings Google Code via the JISC funded ASSET project
  • Redgloo (ELGG maintenance and further development)

C# (Mono), Java, Ruby and Ruby on Rails

  • MeAggregator™: An open source project sponsored by JISC and University of Reading Google Code

JavaEE (Blackboard Buildingblocks)

  • A series of Blackboard Buildingblocks to enhance University of Reading’s Virtual Learning Environment Google Code


  • Kabale8 is a special solitaire card game I used to like as a kid! My wife plays it all the time now in this win32 version. I made it to learn to do win32 programming:Executable Source
  • This is a C compiler made in Lex and Yacc, which compilers a subset (but most of C) into C TAC code. I made it because of an set assignment during my BSc course, however I probably went a bit over the top!:Lex / Yaccpart


  • A Kohonen network:ZIP

Delphi and Kylix:

  • A version of the poplular SameGame, I’ve only included the Delphi project version, but I have built it in Kylix as well:ZIP

If nothing else is stated the applications on this site are copyrighted 2011 under GNU GPL see http://www.gnu.org/copyleft/gpl.html for details.


3 Responses to “My Code”

  1. Iia says:

    Nice work, any chance you could share more code snippets?

    • Iia says:

      In retrospect (19/20) I should elaborate, Can you share more java/android code snippets. I ran into your tutorial on savedInstanceState and found my way here.

      • Karsten says:

        Sorry, at the moment no, as my code primarily is sold under commercial licenses. I have considered coding an elearning open source project, but for the moment that is still only thoughts.

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